HempFusion® Introduces New Category of Nutritional Supplements. Now Available in Health Food Stores Nationwide

HempFusion® Introduces New Category of Nutritional Supplements. Now Available in Health Food Stores Nationwide

Launches New Website www.hempfusion.com

Edison, NJ., Aug 17 2016—MetaCan, Inc., announced today the launch of their HempFusion product line into independent and chain health food stores across the U.S. In coordination with the retail launch, MetaCan also announced the launch of the new HempFusion website www.hempfusion.com.

The HempFusion® product line features a proprietary Whole Food Hemp Complex™, a loaded phytocompound botanical extract derived from the highest quality, certified European industrial hemp (Cannabis sativa L.). This full-specturm phytocomplex oil combines with other plant-based nutrients to support Endocannabinoid System (ECS) balance and health.

“We are proud to be Leading the Hemp Revival ™ by bringing to market the first line of phytocompound formulas that are safe for the entire family. Our products are developed to support the Endocannabinoid System, which I call the Master Adaptogenic System of the body,” said Jason Mitchell, N.D., Co-Founder and President of MetaCan. Dr. Mitchell is the former Chief Science Officer of Country Life Vitamins, who developed over 300 products, and the founder of Probulin®.

HempFusion® Creating New Category of Nutritional Supplements

HempFusion is the first all-natural line of phytocompound formulas. HempFusion rolls out to health food stores across the nation this week, creating a new category of natural supplements. These new category of products focus on the body’s need for dietary phytocompounds and endocannabinoid system support.

The use of clinically studied botanicals, in combination with the Whole Food Hemp Complex, yields a powerful synergy of phytonutrients formulated to target specific systems in the body. The first 5 HempFusion products address digestive, sleep, stress and daily maintenance support.

“To enhance our Whole Food Hemp Complex, the Sleep formula contains PharmaGABA™, the Stress formula contains organic Sensoril™, and the Digestive formula contains important probiotic bacteria using the MATrek™ 3-D probiotic delivery system, all three of which have been scientifically validated for their respective efficacy in supporting sleep, stress and digestion,” Mitchell added.

“While many plants and foods contain phytocompounds, we chose to use those sources that contain the highest known levels of these phytonutrients, such as Hemp, Clove Oil and Black Pepper Fruit,” said Mitchell. “Plant-based cannabinoids are similar to the ones produced by our own body and may be recognized and used by our body to support Endocannabinoid System health.”

“The introduction of HempFusion is a milestone for MetaCan and is the result of a team of dedicated and inspired individuals who are passionate about the mission of pioneering and advancing the science, technology and awareness of the role of phytocompounds in EndoCannabinoid System health. We believe our products will improve quality of life and make a difference in the world,” said Ian DeQueiroz, Co-Founder and CEO of MetaCan.

About HempFusion

HempFusion LLC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MetaCan Inc. foused on the development and marketing of a new category of safe, innovative nutrition products. Those products are based on a proprietary Whole Food Hemp Complex ™, a unique form of food-grade phytocannbinoid hemp extract from the Cannabis Sativa L. plant in a blend of other terpenes and botanicals derived from clove and black pepper oils. HempFusion products are available through independently owned and chain health food stores, or by visting www.hempfusion.com. The products target the support of the EndoCannabinoid System and combine the best and highest quality sources of phytocompounds manufactured under the strictest cGMP standards to achieve maximum efficacy and safety.

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About MetaCan

Metacan Inc. is a Life Sciences company engaged in the scientific and technological advancements of the therapuetic benefits of Cannabis Sativa L. through research, collaboration, sourcing, innovation, extraction, developing and marketing the most effective products targeting Endocannabiod System support. The Company’s primary focus is formulating and marketing consumer-specific product lines across multiple disbribution platforms. They are also leveraging their proprietary non-toxic extraction methods of phytycannabinoids and terpenes in a licensing model to penetrate US and International regulated cannabis markets. www.metacangroup.com


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