Energy 3mg CBD Hemp Extract

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CBD – 3mg (+ other phytocannabinoids)per serving
ß-Caryophyllene – 3mg (+ other Terpenes)per serving
Omega 3-6-9 – 421mgper serving
Ginseng + Guayusa + Ginger – 300mgper serving


Box of 24 Vegetarian Liquid Capsules in 12 2-Count Packets | Dietary Supplement

HempFusion™ Energy 3mg CBD Hemp Extract has a unique broad-spectrum Hemp Extract from Nutritional Hemp with terpenes from Black Pepper Fruit, and Clove Oil, which forms our proprietary Whole Food Hemp Complex. This fusion of unique plant extracts includes valuable phytocanabbinoids and terpenes naturally occurring in Nutritional Hemp and other botanicals such as Black Pepper Fruit and Clove Oil.* These unique all-natural compounds may support  healthy Endocannabinoid System function.*

Full Spectrum Circle

HempFusion Energy 3mg CBD Hemp Extract features our proprietary Whole Food Hemp Complex plus our Organic Herb Energy Complex featuring Organic Guayusa, Organic Ginseng, and Organic Ginger to support balanced energy.*


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  1. Adam Coatney

    I love this product. I take it every morning, and HempFusion every evening. The energy I get feels natural and I don’t get jittery or overactive, just a nice clarity, focus and consistent steady energy. It seems to last for me for about 4-5 hours. There is not crash or let down. Getting the hemp oil nutrients in addition to the energy is the main reason I use this product and not others. Very happy with this. Hope it comes out in the bottle format!

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What is Phospholivery?

We use a unique Non-GMO sunflower oil-based phospholipid complex called Phospholivery™ that may support better utilization of our proprietary Whole Food Hemp Complex (WFHC).* This means the body utilizes the nutrients more efficiently.*